When John Griff Came to Guilsborough

  On Thursday 20th February, John Griff, presenter at BBC Radio Northampton, came in to our year 12 Media Studies lesson to talk about how he became a radio presenter, his experience in the media industry and pathways into radio production. He started his career as a choirboy in Cambridge at the age of nine... Continue Reading →

Pottering about

Thank you year 12 for another delightful day out at Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tour.    I hope you all enjoyed yourself and found it useful. I was particularly impressed by the props.  I couldn't believe that so many of them were created and not CGI.  That made me want to watch all of... Continue Reading →

Leicester Phoenix Cinema Trip

Thank you to everyone who came to the cinema today.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film and I hope you did too. Thank you also to Ruben, Charlie, Lizzie and Sam who stayed late with me and with Mr Stiles to help with the sixth form evening, telling year 11 students about the course. The bbfc... Continue Reading →

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