bell hooks – Feminist Theory

bell hooks - feminist theory. What is it? bell hooks believes that white, male, upper class people control the media industries and their values and beliefs are the ones that we see in the vast majority of media products. This means that people who are not white, male and upper class will not see their... Continue Reading →

David Gauntlett – Identity Theory

David Gauntlett - identity theory What is the theory? "Identity is complicated; everyone's got one." Gauntlett believes that while everyone is an individual, people tend to exist within larger groups who are similar to them. He thinks the media do not create identities, but just reflect them instead. What is the advanced version? The media have... Continue Reading →

Stuart Hall – Representation Theory

Stuart Hall - representation theory What is the theory? Stuart Hall's REPRESENTATION theory (please do not confuse with RECEPTION) is that there is not a true representation of people or events in a text, but there are lots of ways these can be represented. So, producers try to 'fix' a meaning (or way of understanding) people or events... Continue Reading →

Paul Gilroy – Ethnicity and Post Colonial Theory

Paul Gilroy - ethnicity and post colonialism theory. Definition from OCR The African diaspora caused by the slave trade has now constructed a transatlantic culture that is simultaneously African, American, Caribbean and British – the ‘Black Atlantic’. Britain has failed to mourn its loss of empire, creating ‘postcolonial melancholia’, an attachment to an airbrushed version... Continue Reading →

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