Final deadline

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break.  You will be getting feedback on your rough cuts this week and you should use this to make any last changes to your production.  I will go through all your blogs with you for last minute improvements as well and we will go through the evaluation... Continue Reading →


Have a lovely Christmas break year 12 and be prepared that soon after we return we will be marking all your productions.  You can now start to think about your evaluations.  You will find that along the way you have written lots of blogs that you can use to inform your evaluation. Remember, there are... Continue Reading →

Time to edit

You are all now well into the editing of your films.  Here are some things you might want to think about; Main task: the titles and opening of a new fiction film, to last a maximum of two minutes. All video and audio material must be original, produced by the candidate(s), with the exception of... Continue Reading →

Director’s Pitch

On October 22nd you will be making your Director's Pitch. You need to include; Production planning: Organisation of actors, locations, costumes, props Text planning: Shotlists, scripting, storyboarding Use of digital technology or ICT in the presentation Remember - the first two are essential, but the variation in digital technology can really make a difference to... Continue Reading →

Update blogs

Year 12 students need to make a good start on their blogs before the end of September. I will look at your books this week and your notes and glossaries need to be up to date. On blogs, remember to divide your ideas into planning (me) and research (Mr Stiles). For research you need to... Continue Reading →

Planning and Research

You will all have seen the mark sheet for your planning and research and should be receiving an email from me with an idea of your working at grade soon.  Please use the feedback from this and your presentation feedback to adjust your blog if it is not yet at your target grade. Media Studies... Continue Reading →

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