Shirky – End of Audience Theory

    Shirky - end of audience theory. What is it? Audience behaviour has changed due to the internet and the ability for audiences to create their own content at home thanks to the lower cost of technology. This new audience doesn't just consume media, but also produces it - creating the term 'prosumer'. Amateur... Continue Reading →

Jenkins – Fandom Theory

Jenkins - fandom theory. What is it? Fans enjoy media texts so much that they create content based upon the text and form communities around it, which has been made even more possible due to the internet. This is like the 'prosumer' term - a producer and consumer of content. It also links to media... Continue Reading →

Gerbner – Cultivation Theory

Gerber - cultivation theory. What is it? Like water dripping on a rock, it will be slowly eroded. In the same way, when people are constantly exposed to ideas and values in media products, their thoughts and feelings change to reflect them. What is the advanced version? Exposure to television over long periods of time... Continue Reading →

Bandura – Media Effects Theory

What is the theory? An audience can be influenced by media products which can lead to copy cat behaviour. For example, watching a violent film can make someone act in a violent manner. What is the advanced version? The media can influence people directly – human values, judgement and conduct can be altered directly by... Continue Reading →

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